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-How soon should I book my bouncer?
As soon as possible! Our bouncers are booked first come first served so the sooner you book the better chance you have of one being available the day of your event.-My party is tomorrow; can I still get a bouncer?YES, of course this is based on availability. You can call us anytime, even the day of your party for a bouncer. Sometimes people cancel at the last minute & sometimes we might just have one available so GIVE US A CALL!

- Can the bouncer be set up in a driveway, concrete or pavement?
The preferred area is a smooth grassy area. However, paved driveways are also acceptable. Please discuss this when booking so we can make arrangements to properly secure the inflatable. WE WILL NOT SET UP ON GRAVEL or DIRT.

-What is your delivery charge?
Ask for an updated delivery charge information.

-Do I need to provide access to an electrical outlet?
YES, all of our inflatable's require a standard 110 three-prong outlet. The bouncer must be placed within this outlet. If it is to be placed in a field or further than 100 feet of an outlet then you would need to have a generator. We do offer generator rentals, we can help arrange for one on the day of your event for a $55 fee.

-When do I make the payment ?
In most cases we collect on delivery. Some of our items and services do require a 50% deposit.

-What if it rains?
We understand that the weather can be a little unpredictable. That is why we offer a flexible rain policy. If the weather is an issue on the day of your event, YOU decide if you want us to set up. If it is a downpour and forecast for heavy rain all day we would not set up. Otherwise, we really just "play it by ear" and stay in contact with you prior to your scheduled time.

-What if it gets  windy?
If wind speeds exceed 20 mph we recommend shutting of the unit. In some of our delivery areas if wind is to heavy we may not be able to set up certain items to ensure the safety of your guests.

-Will the bounce unit hurt my lawn?
We cannot guarantee that the bounce unit will not harm your lawn. Due to the weight of the bounce unit and depending on the length of time the bounce unit is in use, flattened grass is common but not permanent.  The grass typically recovers within a week or so.

-How long does it take to set up a bounce unit?
Depending on the location, but for the most take about 10-20 minutes.
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